Aquaplay - Container Port


SKU: 7313400016322

The large Aquaplay Container Port set includes a canal system with port basin and access ramp, a large gantry crane, a crank handle to generate a current, a container boat with containers, an amphibious vehicle and two play figurines.

With the large port basin and adjustable freight crane, load and unload the transport boat and amphibious vehicle. If the transport boat isn't transporting its load to its destination quickly enough, the set also includes a crank handle with large blades to get the water moving.

The mobile crane operates across the large port basin. Through play, children will learn how to operate the crane arm and use a turning wheel to move containers. By pushing the crane cab, children can move the container for unloading along the full length of the crane from one side to the other. 

Made in Germany

Size: L104 x W90 x H25 cm

Age: 3 years +