Zart - Supertac Glue 550ml


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Supertac Glue 550ml is a thicker, stronger and faster drying alternative to PVA glue. Its thick, non-drip formula makes sticking a variety of materials a breeze! Perfect in the artroom for quick drying times between lessons and great for home projects where PVA wont do. Supertac Glue 550ml is great for general gluing and construction! Students will find working with Supertac fun and easy ” its thicker formula makes it easy to build and construct and will hold materials in place while drying, even on vertical surfaces. Water based and non-toxic means it is safe for kids and will wash off hands and cloths easily while wet.

Versatile and adaptable, Supertac will bond a variety of materials including paper, card, fabric, plastics, polystyrene, EVA foam, wood, Magiclay and minor repairs to ceramics. The handy tub with wide opening and screw top lid makes it easy to apply. Simply use straight from the tub or decant the required amount into shallow containers or paper plates and distribute to classroom tables.

Directions for use:

Supertac adhesive is best dispensed into a container and then applied with a Popstick, paste spreader, or an adhesive brush. Drying times will depend on room temperature and how much PVA has been applied. Allow 30 minutes for the glue to touch dry and 4 ” 8 hours for it to dry completely. Immediately after use, wash out brushes and any instruments before the Supertac dries. To do so, use a solution ofycold water and mild soap. Do not allow glue to dry in brushes or on cloths. Store container in a cool place and keep out of direct sunlight.

Age: 3 years +