LCBF - Beat the Elephant Blending Consonants Bingo

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Beat The Elephant Blending Consonants Bingo is played in a similar manner to traditional Bingo.

There will be lots of fun and excitement as children select one card at a time from the top of the deck. If a player picks up a card that matches an initial consonant blend on his/her board, it may be placed in the correct position.

Be careful! Each time a piece of the elephant is turned over, it must be put on the elephant board! Once the picture of the elephant has been completed, it has won the game. The next player to successfully complete his/her board comes second, and so on.

Beat the Elephant will provide a delightful way for beginner readers to reinforce their recognition of the following initial consonants: br, cr, cl, dr, gr, sk, sl, sp, st, tr.

Comes complete with 4 durable, wipe-clean mats measuring 25 x 33.5cm and 80 sturdy playing cards in a sturdy storage box.

Players: 1-3

Age: 5 years +