Fat Brain Toy Co - Tumbleroos

Fat Brain Toy Co

SKU: 811802027214

Nest, tumble, WOW!

Each TumbleRoo features a weighted base for wonderful wobbling, a concave top for nesting, and unique, subtle textures to feel and explore.

Nest the smallest inside the other two - The moment you let go, the whole stack tips over and they all tumble apart, one at a time, to rock and wobble around and around.

Little ones can't wait to nest and tumble the 3 TumbleRoos again and again!

Wiggly wobbly action is sure to launch the little ones into hours of tactile fascination with TumbleRoos.

Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, tactile exploration.

Size: H5.5/7.5/11 cm

Age: 10 months +