Grapat - Free Play Box


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This box helps to create an isolated and enclosed area which improves care and respect towards the action within it.

A child’s game needs a container, an area which holds the action and that allows for the children to know their limits and understand space.

What happens in the box? The box becomes a sensorial game when it’s filled up with sand, flour, salt, rice, etc.

In the background, there are some stamped images which evoke the four classical elements: earth, water, air and fire. These elements are part of our species and make us connect with nature. 

GRAPAT provides material without instructions, open-ended and autonomous play.

Made following traditional processes, with thick soft raw materials, natural dyes which let the wood veins be seen and vibrant coloured waxes and oils that slightly shine. The products are painted by hand.

Designed, made and hand painted in Spain.

Size: L65 x W45 cm

Age: 3 years +