Magformers Funny Wheel Set


SKU: 8809465532819

Intelligent magnetic construction set for brain development.

With several different types of wheels and remote control accessories the possibilities to create are vast. Create various cars and moving structures with the Magformers Funny Wheel Set.

Please note that the R/C Block attached to the Big Wheels are designed to be moved by the remote only. Any manual pushing of these wheels may damage the mechanics of the R/C Block. If the child wants to push the car manually, The Amazing Transform Wheel Set comes with two brand new wheel components: one that transform from car wheels to motor cycle wheels, and another that has adjustable height!

Children will have hours of entertainment building different types of cars, bikes and robots and transforming between them.

This set allows you to build up to 30 different designs with the help of an Idea Booklet.

Set Contains: 8 Triangles, 6 Squares, 1 Rectangle, 1 Transform Wheel and 1 Height Adjustable Front Wheel.

Age: 3 years +