Quercetti - Play Bio Fanta Colour 160 piece


SKU: 8007905809037

Fanta Colour is the new game made with eco-sustainable material belonging to the Play Bio Line. This new line, is characterized by the use of an exclusive biocomposite material made of wood and plastic, designed to reduce CO2 emissions on the planet. 

In the set there are 160 coloured pegs to create pictures and original mosaics.

The outer frame becomes an additional play area that can be decorated with pegs, it also allows you to place the panel drilled vertically, just like a photo holder, so the masterpieces created by children can be viewed in full view.

Two large handles built into the frame make it very easy to carry, making it a perfect travel toy. The platform securely locks on the top of the frame and all components are stored neatly and safely inside.

Made in Italy

Age: 3 years +