Sense And Grow - Tissue Box

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If you want to give a child a gift that is fun, but will also help them grow then the Sense & Grow Tissue Box is the perfect gift. 

The Sense & Grow Tissue Box is like a magic box that never ends! The idea of this is that children will reach into the magic tissue box and get to feel around and then pull out each tissue. Each of the tissues that are inside of the box has its own feel and a very different colour/design. Children will get to feel the fabric and start to have an understanding that different things have a different feel to them. The nice and bright colours and designs of each tissue are also going to mentally stimulate them too.

It is going to be so cute to watch them try and figure out what each tissue is before they pull it out! You can even make a fun little game of it. On the flip side of this, children can just have fun touching the different tissues and figuring out what textures they like the feel of and which ones they do not.