Skandico - Big Set of Cubes


SKU: 11520

This set of 36 Skandico wooden cubes come in beautiful colors, have rounded edges, are very pleasant to the touch and created especially for small children's hands.

Cubes are a must-have toy for every kid! While playing with cubes, the child learns the integrity of the object, develops hand-eye & motor skills, spatial thinking, learns to count, and learns colors.

Skandico is a family owned and run business in Russia. They started designing and making beautiful handmade toys in 2017, out of the finest quality wood. All toys are handmade and painted by skilled carpenters.

Made from solid Russian linden and coloured with water-based waxes Biofa (Germany).

Size: cube size L4 x W4 x H4 cm, tray L27 x W27 cm

Age: 3 years +