Skandico - The Great Block Set House


SKU: 11527

The 31 piece Great Block Set House is a wonderful wooden construction set that you have been looking for for your child for a long time!

Endlessly painstaking manual work with love and soul over each designer makes it simply unique.

Each detail of the designer is made by hand from the beautiful Russian linden, has rounded edges and it is impossible to get hurt on it. Every detail of the construction set is covered with eco-friendly coloured water-based waxes made in Germany, which do not paint over the texture of the wood and allow you to admire the beautiful patterns on the cuts of the linden tree, from which all Skandico toys are made.

In addition to receiving visual pleasure from these blocks, each child, taking it in their hands, will feel the velvety texture of wood, its warmth and natural strength. 

The possibilities for games are not limited by anything: The construction set can be a house and a garage or a rocket and a farm for animals.

This set develops imagination, balance skills, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, instills love and craving for beauty.

Skandico is a family owned and run business in Russia. They started designing and making beautiful handmade toys in 2017, out of the finest quality wood. All toys are handmade and painted by skilled carpenters.

Made from solid Russian linden and coloured with water-based waxes Biofa (Germany).

Size: L32 x W4 x H15 cm

Age: 12 months +