Johnco - 5 in 1 Mechanical Coding Robot

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UNPLUGGED! A new concept of coding without a computer or app.

This coding robot kit operates purely offline and is designed to teach the user the fundamentals of coding.  

The 5 in 1 mechanical robot is completely "Unplugged" and therefore is not reliant on devices like tablets or computers. The robot uses a "coding wheel" with buttons that snap on / off to dictate its actions.

The mechanical coding wheel is placed into the heart of the robot to steer its coded courses and tasks. Coding is easily implemented by snapping the coding buttons onto the wheel and having the robot perform its basic functions - go forward, backward, right/left turn, spin or pause. Thanks to this easy-to-follow approach, coding and performing the tasks (such as throwing, gripping, lifting, kicking or drawing) become more interesting and challenging as the user's skills increase.

Age: 8 years +