Smart Games - Asteroid Escape

Smart Games

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Smart Games Asteroid Escape is a 3D sliding puzzle game where players are challenged to manipulate the playing pieces around the board in order to create an excape route for their spaceship. 

It features 60 challanges, starting with simple solutions and progressing to challenges requiring dozens of moves to solve. Asteroid Escape features a portable, travel-friendly case, making it great for on-the-go fun. 

Smart Games challenges helps build cognitive skills. With Asteroid Escape you'll focus on planning, visual perception and problem solving skills.

For those looking for a little more than just another STEM seal on the box, we invite you to explore the cognitive skills aspects of Smart Games play. Each Smart Game details which cognitive skills are engaged in solving its challenges - right on the box. Our games engage skills including spatial insight, problem solving, planning, concentration, logic, and more.

Players: 1

Age: 6 - 99 challenging for adults too!