Blue Orange Games - Taco Hat Cake Gift Pizza

Blue Orange Games

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Taco Hat Cake Gift Pizza! Keep these 5 crazy words in mind. 

This addictive game is as unique as it's name. It's a power packed quick and simple punk party game.

It's filled to the brim with hand slapping mayhem!

As soon as there is a match between a card and a spoken word, race against each other to slap your hand on the central pile of cards. The last one to do so must take them all. Be quick to be the first to get rid of all your cards. But watch out! Your mind will play tricks on you. 

Each player places a card from their hand (like snap and dobble) face up in a community pile while saying taco/hat/cake/gift/pizza in player sequence - when the card matches the mantra - boom - everyone slaps their hand on the deck - the last one picks up the cards - the winner is the player to lose all their cards first.

For extra fun, there are special action cards – the monkey, ninja, and unicorn, which players have to make gestures before racing to slap the deck!

Players: 2-8

Age: 8 years +