Daju Toys - Elastics Classic Playground Game Rainbow

Daju Toys

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Bring back the fun from your childhood by sharing this game with younger generations.

The classic playground jumping game is back with a modern twist. Also known as Chinese Jump Rope or French Skipping, Elastics is a fun jumping game for 3 or more players. The players take turns jumping while singing or chanting rhymes. The child jumping will continue through stages where the elastics are moved higher and the steps become more challenging. Elastics is a fun and easy way to get kids active and playing outside.

FANTASTIC ACTIVITY FOR CHILDREN - Get kids active and burning energy. Chinese Jump Rope is a great indoor / outdoor activity for kids. It improves co-ordination and concentration as well as overall fitness

FULL INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED - Includes rhymes and moves to enable kids to get started straight away

HIGH QUALITY ELASTIC - This Elastics game is a 3 metre loop of high quality, durable elastic

BRIGHT RAINBOW DESIGN - Featuring bright, vibrant colours this rainbow elastics game is appealing to both boys and girls

This elastics set contains some jumping elastics along with a comprehensive instruction guide for playing. The guide includes 5 rhyme and chant variations and guidelines on advancing the game from standard through to advanced levels.

Size: loop L300 x W2.2 cm

Age: 5 years +