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A fun & quick math game, crossword style.

The goal of Mobi is to use all your blue tile by connecting them in a mathematical equation.

Can be played solo or in a group.

How to play overview:

Seperate the blue number tiles from the white operation tiles. Mix up the blue tiles and each player takes 7 tiles, play starts by saying "Go!". Each valid equation is called a "pod", using the blue tiles each player continues to build equations, onto those pods. When a player runs out of blue tiles, they say "Flip" and each player collects 3 more tiles from the centre. Keep this up till the blue tiles run out. When a player can't use one their blue tiles, they say "Swap" and switch that blue tile for 2 new ones. The player to use all their tiles yells "Mobi" and is the winner.

Comes in a convenient travel bag.

Includes: 162 tiles

Players: 1 - 6 

Age: 7 years +