Easyread Time Teacher - Alarm Clock Rainbow Face

EasyRead Time Teacher

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Tell the time in minutes past and to the hour. 

The simplest time teaching system for children.

EasyRead Alarm Clocks are the perfect addition to your child’s bedside table.

This alarm clocks has a night light and a crescendo alarm, which starts with a gentle beep and gets progressively more urgent until it is turned off. Pressing the Snooze button disables the alarm for 5 minutes and makes the clock face glow brighter, strong enough to see items on the bedside table. The built-in light sensor controls the brightness of the clock face, which glows gently all night. Best of all, the silent sweep movement means there is no annoying ticking!

Requires 3 x AA batteries.

Size: L13 x W8 x H14.5 cm

Age: 4 years +