In-Wood - Chakra Pyramid Rainbow


SKU: 799439585621

This beautiful 7 piece pyramid shaped stacker has colours that represent the chakra energy system in the body. In this way children can understand their body’s energy systems giving them the tools to interpret their experiences and connecting them to a physical response to emotions.

In short it helps them listen to themselves and therefore understand how their emotions make them feel.

The easy-to-follow information guide online explains chakras and energy in the body, some mindful meditations, grounding techniques and associations with nature.

Super smooth to the touch and perfect for spatial and hand-eye co-ordination, the pyramid features sacred geometric shapes.

This range has been created with a mindful approach to play and connecting into our intention and our wellbeing. Whether appealing to the child’s focus or their emotional state and communicative understanding.

The creators wanted to provide a medium that no matter the age of the child (or adult!) there is room for self-expression.

Each piece is finished with plant based and food grade dyes that reflect the Australian palette.

Includes a seed from Seed Paper Australia so you can give back to the earth.

Australian designed and made using FSC Certified timbers and endorsed by environmental and community initiative OneStreet.

Made from Australian Hardwood.

Size: L13 x W13 x H15 cm

Age: 3 years +