K'nex - Trail Rider Building Set


SKU: 744476152220

Build an authentic replica of a working, motorized off-road truck with this awesome K’nex building set!

Think outside the blocks with K’nex, a building system featuring rods and connectors that snap together with a satisfying “click” and can be configured into amazing, moving designs of all shapes and sizes. The Trail Rider building set includes 681 parts, including a grille and wheel cover, plus bucket seats, a front bumper, a steering wheel and four big, chunky tires to tackle the most gnarly, off-road settings. It also includes a battery-powered motor to make it go and a wheel on top that you can really steer with! The doors open and close, the hood pops up, and the tailgate opens and closes too! Easy-to-follow, step-by-step building instructions are included, so you’ll be going on off-road adventures in no time.

And hey parents! Building with K’nex supports developmental growth and puts kids on a path towards a better understanding of STEM subjects. As they fit the pieces together, they’re developing spatial awareness and honing their fine motor and dexterity skills. 

Requires 2 x AA batteries.

Age: 9 years +