Make Me Iconic - Healthy Tummy Breakfast

Make Me Iconic

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The Saturday morning cafe brekkie has changed forever. Gone are the days of soggy sweet pancakes or greasy eggs. Now it's all about the "Zen" and keeping up with today's new super foods.

Who would have ever thought kids would even know how to pronounce Kombucha? The rise of healthy eating at health food cafes are becoming the norm. It's all about food that is nourishing for the mind, body and the soul.  And this 21 piece breakkie tray combines the Australian obsession of smashed avo on sourdough with the healthy eating style of today's family. 

Add it to the kids’ kitchen play set and start taking orders for the queue of hungry brunchers!

Constructed from beautiful wood and with a place for everything, the iconic Healthy Tummy Brekkie set will endure through years of play, then can be saved as a memento of our times. 

Complete with plate, knife, fork, frying pan, fried egg, toast, avocado slice, bacon slice, tomato slice, tub of goats cheese with lid + 3 x velcro goats cheese slices, jar of tahini sesame spread with lid + spoon, coffee cup, mini carton of almond milk, bottle of strawberry kombucha and quinoa trail mix box.

Age: 3 years +