Teachables - Whiteboard Flash Cards 30 Piece


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Teachables Whiteboard Flash Cards allow children to draw or write with ease, with no fear of making a mistake. Simply wipe it off clean and start again.

They can be used for many different activities and uses both in and around the classroom, home or office.

Great for teachers and students to create their own subject related topic or for name cards. Ideal for words, pictures or maths.

Children can write or draw with markers or crayons. They can also be used as answer boards in the classroom. A teacher can ask a question then they write the answer and hold it up. They can play games on them, draw pictures, practice their writing skills. They can also be used as a daily to do calendar, as a welcome message at the front desk or around objects in the classroom, as warning signs or important notices, a great tool for brainstorming or a notes board for jotting down a quick piece of information! The possibilities are endless.

And the fact you can erase it whenever you want they are completely re-usable. If a child has drawn or written something that you need to keep, simply place on a scanner or photocopier to make permanent and keep.

Size: L20 x W10 cm and is blank on both sides.