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Flexygon - a colourful endlessly flexible hexaflexagon-shaped fidget toy - is Trainers Warehouse latest exclusive finger fidget toy. Flexygon is designed to fit in the palm of your hand and to roll endlessly through your fingertips. With a hole in the middle and creases at each section of the firm silicon hexaflexagon, you can endlessly roll Flexygon inside and out. The colourful swirl pattern adds to the mesmerizing look of the fidget. 


  • Colourful - Each Flexygon comes in a swirl pattern of 2 colors (Blue/Yellow and Red/Yellow).  Please note: we pick and ship the colours randomly for your order.   
  • Silent - The flexible silicon is very quiet to support inconspicuous fidgeting
  • Smooth - Its smooth texture provides a soothing feel for even the roughest of hands
  • Typical Flexahexagons or Hexaflexagons or whatever you call 'em, are flimsy, folded, origami constructions, made of paper. But, Flexygon is a durable version of the familiar origami shape.

Age: 5 years +