Zart - Colourme Cardboard Sea Creatures 24 Piece


SKU: 9331866024550

These ready-to-decorate ColourMe Sea Creatures are a quick economical and easy activity for school after school care and home. Pre-cut from quality white drawing board each sea creature has been pre-printed with a striking and eye-popping pattern which is just waiting for colour! Creature shapes are based on a penguin dolphin seahorse fish star fish octopus and turtle.

The ColourMe Sea Creatures quality white surface suits coloured pencil pen and marker pastel ink and paint. Surface can also be decorated with collage materials and other embellishments.

Card is made from 300gsm white ivory board pre-cut into shapes.

Pre-printed 1 side only black outline.

8 designs x 3 of each

Size: approx. L16.5 cm