Zart - Empty Dot Bottles 6 Piece


SKU: 9331866023140

These Empty Dot Bottles are a fun stamping dispenser, ready to be filled with your favourite ink and dye colours! Designed for stamping, this novel applicator has a smooth and round sponge tip which produces clean crisp dots. The broad barrel makes them easy to fill, grip and stamp – and young artists love them!

These stampers are great for creating artworks, filling in backgrounds and shapes, decorating cards, wrapping paper and posters, are are a great tool for portable and outdoor painting projects. They also help develop fine motor skills, promote creativity, and build colour, shape and pattern recognition in young children.

TIP: When filling empty bottles be sure to put nozzle on tightly to avoid leaks. Only fill bottles with water based ink or dye otherwise it won’t pass through the sponge applicator and cause it to clog.

Size: 6 x 75ml

Age: 3 years +