Zart - Maize Building Noodles


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These Maize Building Noodles stick together with water – so there’s no need for glue! You will be amazed at how many 3D creations you can build, construct and make!

To fuse the ‘noodles’ together, dampen the part you want to join with a wet sponge. Press the noodle gently onto another– and it’s joined. Just wet and stick – it’s so easy!

You can join pieces together in any configuration to create any shape or form you choose – just let your imagination decide! Make necklaces, towers, creatures or characters. Building Noodles also make a great addition to collage work. Just dampen the noodle and stick directly onto paper to create a colourful raised texture.

Mess and fuss free, these noodles add a bit of fun to construction and craft projects. Young children will love their simplicity and ease of use. Teachers and parents love that these Maize Building Noodles are a complete activity – no additional tools or materials required.

This bright noodle mix includes 10 colours: Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, White, Grey & Brown. Maize Building Noodles are made from natural starches and are 100% biodegradable.

Each noodle is approximately 25mm long x 18mm diam.

80grams (approximately 550 noodles!)

TIPS: Do not over wet noodles or they will break down.

Maize noodles are coloured with dye and may stain. Best to wash hands and surfaces with warm soapy water and cover the work area with plastic sheeting or newspaper. Students should wear apron or smock.