Zart - Stencils Dinosaur 6 Piece


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These Dinosaur Stencils are a fun way to engage younger students in drawing, painting, printing and exploring the possibilities of pattern! Made from thick, durable plastic, Dinosaur Stencils are long lasting, are ideal for a classroom setting and suit young, inquisitive hands.

To use:

Drawing: use the stencil as a drawing template. Trace around design using a fine nib pen, marker or sharpened pencil.

Paint: for best results, use an acrylic, textile or craft paint as watery paints (such as watercolours) will bleed underneath the stencil. If using liquid paint , best use these with a foam roller. Keep roller damp, don’t over saturate. 

Always wash stencils clean with warm soapy water, dry off and store away.

Incorporate these stylised wonderful Dinosaur designs into backgrounds; print over drawings; add to classroom displays, borders or posters; use to decorate 2D and 3D work; or use in craft and fundraising projects.

6 plastic stencils in 3 colours.

Size: L15.2 x W15.2 cm